Mentoring Coordinator, Law & Leadership Academy

“If you’re persistent you’ll get it, if you’re consistent you’ll keep it.”- Unknown

Alexcia works with CLIA’s Corporate Mentoring Program were she is the liaison between high school students and mentoring sites including: The Office of the Attorney General, the law firms of Wilson Elser and Saul Ewing and University of Maryland Law School. She has been in this position for three years.

Alexcia has always had a passion for working with high school students and Public Allies Maryland was a great place to start. She joined CLIA as an Outreach Coordinator and became very fond of the work and the students.  

Alexcia stayed because of the amazing work of the students; she was locked in.

Outside of CLIA, Alexcia is a mother, which she describes as the most rewarding experience in her life. She also enjoys reading and spending time with her family.

Alexcia is an expert in planning and organizing.