Youth Organizer, Just Kids Campaign

“If a man hasn’t found something to die for, he isn’t fit to live.” ―  Martin Luther King Jr.

Kevin oversees CLIA’s Core Alliance of Youth Leaders, young people who have been directly impacted by Maryland’s criminal justice system, and who work as advocates on the Just Kids Campaign.

Kevin was a youth charged as an adult at the age of 15. His mentor, Laura Furr, worked at CLIA when he was dealing with court procedures, back when CLIA ran a program at the Baltimore City Detention Center and worked with youth directly. When Kevin came home, he got the opportunity to work with the organization and has been here ever since!  

He enjoys being creative, and has used his skills as a musician and playwright to inspire and educate the community about social justice. “Though I may seem very pensive to strangers, to know me is to love me.”

Kevin is an expert in becoming an expert because there is always more to learn.