Law & Leadership Academy

CLIA’s Law & Leadership Academy introduces Baltimore City students to law and policy while teaching them to be critical thinkers, problem-solvers, active citizens and community leaders. Students build their leadership and advocacy skills to understand the power of their own voice and lead community change.

Law and Leadership Academy Pillars


Students learn to use their energy, gifts, and beliefs to inspire and propel others to action for social change.


Students learn how to create social change through government and grassroots action.


Students learn basic legal concepts, how policy is made and changed, and how the law protects people.


Students will understand the power of their own voice, the responsibilities of citizenship, and believe that youth can make a difference.

Program Components

Students must complete three courses in a Maryland state-approved and certified curriculum: Criminal Law & Community Justice (10th grade), Conflict Resolution & Community Justice (11th grade), and Constitutional Principles (12th grade).

Eleventh and twelfth grade students are eligible to participate in the following Academy program components:

Corporate Mentoring

The Corporate Mentoring Program provides students with worksite experiences in law and public policy as well as positive adult role models who have a passion for working with young people. Mentoring with law firms, government agencies and advocacy organizations provides students with real-life experience in the fields of law and public policy and exposure to professional problem-solvers who work to serve their communities.

Youth Advocacy Project

Through the Youth Advocacy Project, students develop their own youth-led advocacy projects and work with Baltimore City public officials to implement policy initiatives to address issues of concern to them, particularly related to improving education and reducing violence in their communities.

College and Career Readiness Program

The College & Career Readiness Program provides students with the necessary access and support to work toward their goals after high school. The program features a curriculum for juniors and seniors that will set them on a path to meeting critical college deadlines, creating college admissions materials, and applying for financial aid. Those students interested in pursuing a career after high school have access to local job readiness programs, long-term internship programs, and apprenticeships.

Peer Mediation Training

Through Peer Mediation Training, students learn skills in basic conflict management, strategic listening, identification of values and feelings, and other important mediation skills. Students facilitate conflict resolution sessions between student peers and help decrease suspensions in their schools.

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