Program Manager

Jade is a graduate of Paul Laurence Dunbar High School’s class of 2016, as well as a recent graduate of social work at McDaniel College. Jade is currently pursuing her graduate degree in social work at the University of Maryland, School of Social Work, and is expected to graduate in May 2022. Jade is an alumna of The Baltimore Intersection, and has joined the CLIA team through the merger that was established in January 2021. Jade currently serves as CLIA’s program manager. In this role, Jade works closely with the youth of CLIA to ensure that they are supported while in school, and during challenging situations that may arise, as well as ensure that the youth are well prepared for whatever path they choose to endeavor post-graduation.

Outside of CLIA, Jade enjoys binge watching shows on Netflix and HULU. She enjoys ice skating, arts and crafts, and brunch!