Program Coordinator, Law & Leadership Academy

“Not everyone can be famous, but everyone can be great because greatness is measured by service.” – Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Ray is doing a year of service at CLIA though Public Allies, an Americorps program. Ray manages CLIA’s Corporate Mentoring Program, does outreach to students and schools for the Law & Leadership Academy, and oversees the newly formed CLIA Youth Advisory Council.

Prior to working for CLIA, Ray worked for the Baltimore City Department of Recreation and Parks in Cherry Hill. He organized with many different mentoring groups in the community to provide different opportunities for the youth of Cherry Hill. He also served on the Baltimore City Youth Commission, representing the 10th district and as Chairman of the Recreation & Mentoring Committee.

Outside of CLIA, Ray enjoys watching his favorite sports teams with his dad; The Baltimore Orioles and New England Patriots. He enjoys cooking and hosting family breakfast once a month at his grandmother’s house, and he loves to go out to dinner with his Mom and younger brother.

Ray is an expert at shouting answers at the television while watching his favorite show, Jeopardy! He is also an expert at bothering his little brothers.