Our Vision:

CLIA envisions Maryland as a place where young people are valued, equipped, and equitable partners in decision making that impacts them.

Our Core Values:

Youth as leaders

Inside all young people are assets, valuable voices and important stories that have the power to positively influence communities. Decision makers must include the voice and perspective of youth – especially those who have been directly impacted by challenges facing the larger community – and engage them as stakeholders to achieve real community change.

Adults as youth allies

Youth need support from caring adults who stand by their side as they discover their voices and move forward in their lives.

We are all teachers and learners

Adults and youth who work in mutual collaboration are both teachers and learners. Learning is not only for young people, and teaching is not only for adults. We share the goal of using bold voices, informed minds, and open hearts in our work together.

Committed to diversity and inclusion

We have an organization-wide commitment to continuous learning in the areas of diversity, inclusion, cultural competence, and youth development, which must be reflected at the organizational and individual levels, among adults and young people, in our communications, and in our organizational and professional development investments.
Meet four CLIA youth leaders and findĀ out what CLIA meansĀ to them…
“As CLIA’s Board President, it’s an honor to support young people using their collective ability to make positive social change.”

– Abbie Flanagan, CLIA Board President

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